Many people have never considered an auction as an option for selling their home. We understand. It can be very intimidating to consider all of the variables and nuances involved with an unfamiliar type of transaction.

It may seem like a safer route to simply list your home using traditional methods. But there are a few very compelling reasons to consider using Colby Auctions as an additional real estate selling method.

Often, Auctions bring a higher selling price than a traditional listing. This is due to several factors including, positive market conditions — high demand, low supply and the combination of location-based and online auctions.

Additionally, with an auction, you get to dictate the terms of the sale without the apprehension of a seller tacking on outlandish and exorbitant stipulations.

When you sell your home or property with Colby Auctions, we don’t charge the traditional 3 or 6% fees you would pay to the real estate agents. Instead, we simply require the buyer pay a small percentage on the final sale price. This means you get to keep more of your money

Finally, with auctions, properties typically sell much more quickly. This means all of the money you would have spent staging, improving and maintaining the home during the showing period stays in your pocket.

Current Auction Listings

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